Sco Pa Tu Manaa – Meaning of a Popularly Used Word on Twitter

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I have come across this word “Sco Pa Tu Manaa” a lot on Twitter. I was personally wondering what it is all about and how it came to be.

At the course of my research, I see that a lot of people are looking for the meaning behind it too. So I decided to share possible meanings here.

The meaning shared here is based on peoples view and suggestions on Twitter.

What’s the Meaning of Sco Pa Tu Manaa?

Someone said it doesn’t mean anything, that it’s just gibberish a musician used in his song and people are messing with.

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While another Twitter user on her opinion thinks it’s another version of o je wa ke eng… Which already has a Nigerian version which is kin lo shele gan?

From the answers above, one might decide to derive his or her own meaning of the word but I think it’s just gibberish.

What do you think about the Word “Sco Pa Tu Manaa”?

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  1. Korex says:

    Sco pa tu manaa
    Everything rubbish will always trend on twitter.

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