Price of Tokunbo Cars in Cotonou, See Pictures And Clearing Cost 2019

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This thread is created to help Nigerians who want to buy Tokunbo Cars from Cotonou. When you want to buy a car, it is normal to search for price, pictures, and cost of that particular car. That’s why we have decided to update you on various types of cars and their prices.

Before you rush to buy your dream car, please take a little time to research the car, if its fuel consumption is good, if that particular car is economical and low to maintain.

If you are a car dealer, you should also check if that particular car is what people want at the moment or so. For now, TOYOTA COROLLA seems to be the most buy cars because of its low fuel consumption rate and low maintenance cost.

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Note that the price tags here may change with change in the exchange rate and other factors. This means that they are not static; you should always look for the current exchange rate before making the final conclusion on the price.

Price of Toyota Cars in Cotonou

Different Toyota cars have different price ranges, they depend on the model of the car, whether It is saloon or SUV car and quality of the car.

Let us look at the price of popular Toyota cars.

Price of Toyota Camry in Cotonou (Spider): A normal 2008 Toyota Camry Car (Spider) cost about 3000000 CFA. This excludes the clearing cost and transportation.

Price of 2002 Toyota Sienna in Cotonou is about 2000000 CFA excluding clearing and transportation to Nigeria.

Price of Lexus ES 350 is about 5000000 CFA excluding expenses.

Procedure For Buying Car From Cotonou

If you are ready to make a car purchase from Cotonou, then you need to follow the proper procedure to get your car bought and delivered to Nigeria.

If you don’t want to go to Cotonou and by your car in person, you will need to find an agent who will buy the car, process the clearing and hand over to drivers who will deliver it to your location.

Price of Tokunbo Cars in Cotonou.

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