Latest Peer to Peer Donation Sites in Nigeria 2019

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Here is the latest update on paying peer to peer donation sites or platform in Nigeria this year. If you are looking to get fast cash and get huge returns, then continue reading this article as it will provide you with a list of the top working Donation Platforms.

Before I go ahead to give you the latest update, let’s see what peer to peer donation system is all about and how they work.

What is a Peer to Peer Donation Platform?

It is a system like MMM. They claim they are community mutual aid fund where help is been provided to whoever needs it and those who got help will provide to those who provided to them when they need the money.

But actually, it is a Ponzi scheme that pays existing investors using the money invested by new investors while the investors are made to believe that the profits are coming from product sales, which there are none.

Not all are genuine. So, if you want to invest in a peer to peer donation platform, you need to study the system very well. Know how they work, ask to know if they are really paying, read reviews online before investing.

How to Join Peer to Peer Donation in Nigeria 2019?

If you want to join the community of people, offering help to each other and getting help when required, you will need to get the latest update from here.

When you know the site that is paying, you then conduct your own research about them before concluding to invest in such a site/platform.

Never should you invest in a site you know nothing about. Always check that the site has a good review online before deciding on what to do.

List of Paying Peer to Peer Donation Sites

MMM Assembly: it is like the old Mavro Mondial Movement. You can invest in naira or BTC and get paid at the end of the month.

Search more about them before you decide to join.

There is other latest peer to peer donations ongoing in Nigeria today but we need to verify them before posting them here.

Keep checking this page to get the latest updates.

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