List of OPPO Phones And Prices in Nigeria 2019

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Oppo phones, prices and where to buy it in Nigeria.

On this page, you will get to learn about latest and best OPPO phones and prices in Nigeria. At the end of the article, I will equally show you where to buy cheap OPPO phones at unbeatable price anywhere in Nigeria.

Since OPPO advertised F11 pro in the big brother naija house, a lot of people have started searching for oppo phone price in Nigeria. Although the F11 Pro is a bit costly, there are still other oppo smartphones below 60000.

In my earlier post about OPPO Nigeria Office and contact number, I gave a brief overview of the phone; it is a Chinese telephone brand just like Xiaomi. This Chinese smartphone manufacturer has been in the top 5 largest smartphone brands worldwide since 2016. With the good price-quality ratio and the refreshing look at smartphone innovation, you will always find a unique smartphone at OPPO.

All OPPO telephones have a sharp relationship between price and quality. Do you opt for a high-end smartphone? Then you really have quality in your hands – from the powerful processor to the sleek design. And do you not need such a premium device? Then you just go for a cheaper OPPO model. With this list, you are still at home in all markets!

Without wasting much of your time, let me quickly drop the list of OPPO Phones and their prices in Nigeria. After going through them, you will be able to make your choice depending on your budget.

List of OPPO Phones in Nigeria and Prices 2019

OPPO Phones in Nigeria


OPPO F11 Pro ₦ 108,000
OPPO Reno Ace ₦ 180,000
OPPO Reno 10x Zoom FC ₦  242,000
OPPO R17 Pro ₦  134,000
OPPO AX7 ₦ 110,000
OPPO K1 ₦ 90,000
OPPO A3s ₦ 39,000
OPPO A3 ₦ 110,000
OPPO R15 Pro ₦ 360,000
Oppo A1K 32GB + 2GB ₦ 39,900
OPPO A5s (32 + 3 GB) ₦ 53,900


Where to buy OPPO Smartphones in Nigeria?

You can buy oppo phones at any slot office in Nigeria or buy online at Jumia. Click here to buy oppo on Jumia Nigeria online store.

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