O Jewa Ke Eng Translation And Meaning As Used on Social Media

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Here is the English and Nigerian Translation of the popularly used word on twitter “O Jewa Ke Engi will also teach you how to pronounce it correctly.

O Jewa Ke Eng is a trending jargon on the social area just like Sco Pa Tu Mana. It has been around since 2018 and still been used today, many people have wondered the real meaning of it and how to translate it to English or what it means in Nigeria.

Since it is frequently used on Facebook and Twitter, you might be eager to know what it is all about that makes people use it.

So what does “O Jewa Ke Eng” really mean?

Many social media users have contributed to the trend of this phrase ‘O je ke eng’ without knowing the actual meaning.

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Let know quickly tell you guys the real meaning of the phrase before showing you how it was translated and which language it originated from.

O Jewa Ken Eng Means What is eating you up, in another translation; you can say what is bordering you. It was first used on Twitter by Keabetswe and since then, it has been trending on Social Media.

O Jewa Ken Eng Translation (English)

It is a phrase in the Sesotho language which the meaning I have shared above. When you do a direct translation of this phrase, you will see ‘what do you eat’ this isn’t the real meaning though as it means ‘what is eating you up’

So if you came across this phrase, know that it’s simply a question. The writer may be trying to ascertain what’s actually wrong with you.

We would like to hear your own view on the social media trending TAG ‘ O Jewa Ken Eng’ use the comment box below.

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