Money Ritual Without Human Sacrifice, Locations And Contacts

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Do you want to do money ritual without human sacrifice? If your answer is “Yes” then you obviously need a contact to help you with how to do it at home or in their secret locations.

I see that there is an Increase in the search for a money ritual location and how to do it without involving human sacrifices. That’s why I decided to share this article to help those who are looking for the money by all means.

Although Money Rituals is illegal, a sin against God and abomination, many Nigerians and other countries are determined to do it just to make quick money. They forgot that there is always a consequence of doing it.

Before going online to search for Locations and how to do money rituals, I believe that you have made up your mind to do it. Remember that when you take a step forward, there is no going back. You may lose your life at the process; you might equally end up mad and not getting the money.

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So many people are desperate to make money; that is a bad attitude as money, wealth and other possessions come from God. We need to always wait on the lord and not finding an alternative source to make money at all cost.

People have asked me many times if I know where they can do money rituals in Lagos, Ogun state, Ibadan, Benin, Port Harcourt, cross river and other locations; I don’t know why they ask but they think anyone that is wealthy is ritualistic.

A guy approached me one day and told me that he is ready to do anything for the money. That type of desperation is bad and it can lead to an early grave and internal destruction. There are a lot of things to do both online and offline to earn huge amount of money daily.

If you want to change your mind and learn other legit ways to make money, click here but If you are determined to do money rituals, continue reading.

How to do Money Rituals At Home Without Human Sacrifices

If you don’t want to involve human being in your money ritual process, then you have to follow the simple steps below.

Know that you might be required to use any other thing in place of the human sacrifice. They can ask you to use any part of your body, or give you a condition on the use of the money when you are finally rich.

The first step to take if you want to do money rituals without involving human sacrifice is to look for contacts, you can’t wake up one day and do it; there are people that specialize on that. So you just need to find them, reason with them and take instructions from them.

Finally, when they ask you for anything, be sure to do it as you are determined to make money by all means.

Money Rituals Locations and Contacts in Nigeria and the World

There are a lot of places to do money rituals in Nigeria. They are always in a secret hideout where no one sees their operation

To be able to find that location, you must know someone who knows about their activities.

To find where to do rituals in Lagos, Calabar, Abuja, and other parts of the country, be in a constant lookout and ask questions when necessary.

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Finally, I will give one location where you can do money rituals without human sacrifice at the end of this article; keep reading…

Consequences of Money Ritual without human Sacrifice

There are a lot of consequences/disadvantages of money rituals. I am going to highlight some of them here and show you how to avert it.

Condition: If there was no human sacrifice performed during the ritual, there might be a condition to what you can do with the money. Sometimes, you will be asked not to help your parents, siblings or relations. Believe me, it’s totally not a good idea when you have money and is restricted to what you can do with your money.

Other conditions might be to live a low life; you should not buy the latest cars, build a good house or you will not be able to have children.

With that type of condition, it will be extremely difficult to enjoy your money.

Yearly/monthly Renewal:

You might be asked to renew the ritual vows every month or year and trust me it’s a hell lot of things wouldn’t want to go back to again.

May Require Blood at the Long Run:

Though you there was no human sacrifice required at the beginning, they might want you to do so in the long run.

How to Avert the Consequences of Money Rituals

Just as abstinence is the only way to prevent HIV, it is also the only way to avoid money rituals consequences. If you did not do it, there is no way you will suffer for what you don’t know.

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