O Jewa Ke Eng Translation And Meaning As Used on Social Media

Here is the English and Nigerian Translation of the popularly used word on twitter “O Jewa Ke Engi will also teach you how to pronounce it correctly.

O Jewa Ke Eng is a trending jargon on the social area just Continue reading “O Jewa Ke Eng Translation And Meaning As Used on Social Media”

Price of Tokunbo Cars in Cotonou, See Pictures And Clearing Cost 2019

This thread is created to help Nigerians who want to buy Tokunbo Cars from Cotonou. When you want to buy a car, it is normal to search for price, pictures, and cost of that particular car. That’s why we have decided to update you on various types of cars and their prices.

Before you rush to buy your dream car, please take a little time to research the car, if its fuel consumption is good, if that particular car is economical and low to maintain.

If you are a car dealer, you should also check if that particular car is what people want at the moment or so. For now, TOYOTA COROLLA seems to be the most buy cars because of its low fuel consumption rate and low maintenance cost.

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Note that the price tags here may change with change in the exchange rate and other factors. This means that they are not static; you should always look for the current exchange rate before making the final conclusion on the price.

Price of Toyota Cars in Cotonou

Different Toyota cars have different price ranges, they depend on the model of the car, whether It is saloon or SUV car and quality of the car.

Let us look at the price of popular Toyota cars.

Price of Toyota Camry in Cotonou (Spider): A normal 2008 Toyota Camry Car (Spider) cost about 3000000 CFA. This excludes the clearing cost and transportation.

Price of 2002 Toyota Sienna in Cotonou is about 2000000 CFA excluding clearing and transportation to Nigeria.

Price of Lexus ES 350 is about 5000000 CFA excluding expenses.

Procedure For Buying Car From Cotonou

If you are ready to make a car purchase from Cotonou, then you need to follow the proper procedure to get your car bought and delivered to Nigeria.

If you don’t want to go to Cotonou and by your car in person, you will need to find an agent who will buy the car, process the clearing and hand over to drivers who will deliver it to your location.

Price of Tokunbo Cars in Cotonou.

Sco Pa Tu Manaa – Meaning of a Popularly Used Word on Twitter

I have come across this word “Sco Pa Tu Manaa” a lot on Twitter. I was personally wondering what it is all about and how it came to be.

At the course of my research, I see that a lot of people are looking for the meaning behind it too. So I decided to share possible meanings here.

The meaning shared here is based on peoples view and suggestions on Twitter.

What’s the Meaning of Sco Pa Tu Manaa?

Someone said it doesn’t mean anything, that it’s just gibberish a musician used in his song and people are messing with.

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While another Twitter user on her opinion thinks it’s another version of o je wa ke eng… Which already has a Nigerian version which is kin lo shele gan?

From the answers above, one might decide to derive his or her own meaning of the word but I think it’s just gibberish.

What do you think about the Word “Sco Pa Tu Manaa”?

PYES Shortlisted Candidates 2019, Download Full PDF List & Names

PYES Shortlisted Candidates 2019 List is officially out on the Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme Official Portal – Visit the Website to check your name and see the latest news.

This is to inform the general public and those who applied for the p-yes federal government empowerment scheme that they can now check their email for notification of Shortlisted Candidates.

I have made a list of Latest News on PYES Recruitment; you can read them to know what next after you have been successfully shortlisted for the Recruitment.

Note: There was no online publication of PYES Shortlisted Candidates at the time of this publication. Successful Candidates will receive a congratulatory email; the email will contain instruction on screening and other things to do.

Download: Lion Heart Nollywood Movie

In case you did not receive any email about the Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme Shortlisted Candidates 2019, do not worry. I am going to give you a step by step guide to check your name on www.p-yes.gov.ng which is the official Recruitment Portal of the Scheme.

Remember that successful Candidates will undergo training and practical skill acquisition programme in multiple vocations. The beneficiaries will be given Seed Empowerment Tools (SET) which they are going to use for further growth and empowerment of other members of their community.

How to Check PYES Shortlisted Candidates List 2019/2020?

If you did not receive any instruction in your email, follow the steps below to check if you have been shortlisted for the p-yes Recruitment 2019.

The first thing to do is to log on to the Recruitment Website of the Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme.

Then you will see a column to enter Application Number “this is the number that p-yes sent to your email at the time of application”

Click on “Check Status

If your name is among the Shortlisted Candidates, it will show you a congratulatory message.

Note that the list is yet to be uploaded on the P-YES Portal.

If you want to receive latest Updated on the P-YES Shortlisted Candidates 2019, kindly drop a comment below to follow the discussion.

Download Lion Heart Nollywood Movie 2019 – Genevieve Nnaji

Download Lionheart Movie by Genevieve Nnaji – Do you want to download the latest Nollywood Movie titled “Lion Heart”? The movie is an interesting one that will get you captivating.

It’s so interesting that Netflix bought it for $3.8 million (Three Million eight hundred dollars) that’s billions in Nigerian currency.

Lionheart was directed by Genevieve Nnaji. It was released in the year 2018 and became the most trending Nollywood Movie In 2019.

The most interesting part is that that this Movie ‘Lionheart’ is the first Nigerian movie to be acquired by NETFLIX. And that, in itself, is a big deal. But, this is not what makes this movie special according to premiumtimesng review.

Before releasing the Lion Heart Movie download link here, let me quickly tell you what the movie is all about and the actors of the movie.

LionHeart 2019 Cast

Below are the actors of the Lion Heart, the latest nollywood movie 2019.

Starring: Genevieve Nnaji

Nkem Owoh

Pete Edochie

Onyeka Onwenu

Kanayo O. Kanayo

A brief Introduction to LionHeart Netflix Movie

The movie captures the challenges of a female in a male-dominated industry. It is also a far departure from new Nollywood movies that tend to situate their plot in Lagos. Lionheart was shot in Enugu and Kano States. The cinematography and locations are brilliant.

When her father falls ill, Adaeze steps up to run the family business alongside her uncle and proves herself in a male-dominated world.

When crisis strikes Lionheart, a big Nigerian bus comapany, Adaeze (Genevieve Nnaji) and quirky uncle Godswill join hands to save the family business

How to Download Lion Heart by Genevieve Nnaji

You can download LionHeart video on youtube or watch it on Netflix.

I will share the link to download the video online or watch it on Netflix for free.

Download Lionheart Nollywood Movie Here.

Alternatively, you can watch it on Nextlix using the link below: https://www.netflix.com/ng/title/8103078

How to Download P YES Guarantors Form Online

The guarantors form is a necessary pre-requisite for enlistment into the presidential youth empowerment scheme.

From the P Yes Requirements, it’s compulsory to have the guarantors form downloaded, filled and completed.

What You need to Know about the P-Yes Guarantors Form!

The guarantor must be a community or religious leader from your immediate community and must provide his/her identification numbers on National ID, PVC or international passport.

See Also: How to Login to PYES Portal

The guarantors form must be signed and duly stamped by your guarantor. In the form, there is a space for your name (beneficiary) guarantors name and address then the attestation of your character by your guarantor.

Information provided on form will be physically verified. In any case some information are found to be false, you will be disqualified from participating in the P-yes programme.

To that end, you must be careful with the information you and your guarantor submitted in the course of registration for the Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme.

How to Download the P-YES Guarantors Form Online?

To download the form, you need to use a pdf enabled device (computer or mobile phone) to download it to your phone before taking it to a computer center for printing.

Preferably, visit any cyber café to print a copy of the pyes guarantors form.

Whichever one you prefer, see the download link below.

Download P-YES Guarantors Form here.

Other things you need to know about pyes

Application for the presidential youth empowerment scheme is totally free. You will not be charged for the form collection or online registration.

Be sure to follow the application guidelines and check the requirements before applying for the p-yes programme.

p-yes.gov.ng portal is always open till the deadline of the registration which is yet to be announced.

Let us know via comment if you have any problem downloading the guarantors form. To keep updated with latest news on p-yes recruitment, bookmark this page.