Top 5 Best Selling Products on Jumia 2019 to Make Money

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If you are a seller on Jumia and have been battling to sell your products or looking for the fastest selling products in 2019, then you should relax and go through this article as we are going to highlight those products with high demands.

Jumia happens to be the biggest online marketplace in Nigeria. Goods and products of all kind are been sold there for people to buy. They pay people to market them both offline and online; Jumia marketers called ‘JForce’ take a commission for any product they sell on the website.

For a while now, I’ve received countless messages through Facebook, WhatsApp, Text Messages, Calls and even on my Blog from people who want to know the fast selling products on Jumia 2019, but have no idea which product to get started with. Some ask if it is Phones, Fashion or Jewelry, but they don’t actually know which product in particular.

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I made a lot of consultations, research, and interviews to that end and finally came out with the top 10 list of the Best Selling Products on Jumia this year.

I decided to share it here for the benefit of everybody who wishes to take the opportunity to boost their online business and make a lot of profits.

Fast Selling Products on Jumia 2019

There are some products that are trending on Jumia and they sell fast. If you have those kinds of product, your turnover will be high.

Rice, phones, LED TV’s, washing machines among others were the best selling products in the past years. There is a shift in product people buy this year and that is what we want to tell you about.

These are the top best selling products on Jumia Shoppers List in 2019

Professional Make Up Brush/Box for Women:

Classic Makeup Makeup Kit on Jumia

Women’s make up tools is number one in the list of the best and fastest selling products on Jumia online marketplace. A lot of women want to look good for in all the occasions and therefore patronize the makeup kits as they will want to do it themselves.

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Make Up tools are essential when perfecting your look.32 piece make up brushes allows you assorted brushes for your face, eyes and even brows. It can be used for personal or professional make, good quality.32 Piece Make Up Brush Set consists of different types of brushes that have been designed to help you achieve a smooth and flawless finish during makeup.

Mobile Phones and Tablets:

Jumia Mobile Report 2019

Mobile phones and tablets (android and iPhone) is number two in the list of fast/best selling products on Jumia.

According to Jumia’s Mobile report, Asian brands have consistently enjoyed massive patronage because of their Africa-specific strategy of introducing lower price point smartphones into the Nigerian market. In 2018, Fero, Samsung, Nokia, Infinix and Tecno remained the customers’ favourites and the top-selling mobile brands on Jumia. It is interesting that a one-time king of mobile phone, Nokia is gradually returning to the limelight, riding on its durability claim. Infinix continues to lead the pack, year on year

Baby Products/Kids Educational Material:

Generic Summer Safe Baby Carriage

Everyone wants their babies to have amazing childhood experiences and they patronize baby products such as kids educational material, toys, infant car seats and a lot more.

Baby products are also very profitable because they are relatively cheaper than adult products but usually come in more purchase quantities.

Wrist Watches:

Watches on Jumia – Best Selling Products

Wrist watches and shoes are one of the best sellers pick on jumia currently. There are a lot of demands for wrist watches, bangles, and other accessories.


Best Selling Products on Jumia

Best Selling Products on Jumia – Television

Among home electronics, televisions are perhaps the most common home electronic appliances in every Nigerian home.

The truth is that Nigerians like entertainment shows like sports, Nollywood movies (even foreign movies), news and music a lot, and would do anything to have a television at home.

Bruhm, Cocaa by skyworth and UKA televisions are in the top list of best/hot selling products on Jumia.


I have listed most trending products on Jumia 2019. These are products you can import from China at a cheaper rate and sell for more profit.

I’m sure this post will help you to make a good decision on which product to start with.

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